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Our technology

Data-focused predictive models

AI-powered models evaluate over 50,000 individual variables to find the best 400-500 predictors of loan outcomes.

Fast and accurate decisioning

Algorithms use natural-language processing and machine learning to automate lending decisions.

Entirely digital lending journey

Origination, loan management and white-label apps expected to enable sign-up to funding in as little as 5 minutes.

Our solutions

Decision engine

The decision engine uses alternative data to enhance and automate accurate risk modeling and limit setting.

Key features include:

  • AI-powered paycycle detection and prediction
  • Advanced risk assessment
  • Personalized limit-setting
  • Optimized repayment scheduling and debiting

Our models use artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver accurate risk assessments, customize limits and repayment schedules, and reduce the risk of default.

Loan origination and servicing

The end-to-end loan origination and servicing solution will support an entirely digital lending journey, streamlining workflows to modernize and accelerate lending capabilities.

Options include:

  • Origination
  • Loan servicing platform
  • Branded web and mobile apps

Available as separate modules or as a full lending platform. Ask us about how our solutions might be able to integrate into your existing ecosystem.

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About us

Carrington Labs

Carrington Labs is an Australian team of data scientists and engineers focused on creating globally applicable AI-based credit risk decisioning and loan management solutions for unsecured consumer lending.

Our combination of deep credit expertise and up-to-date artificial-intelligence capabilities will help your business step into the future of financial services.

1 billion data points

Our native AI risk-scoring model is unmatched in its precision, enabling faster, smarter and more ethical decision making and lending.

4 million loans originated

Our predictive modeling and lending solutions have originated more than 4 million loans through our consumer-facing brand, Beforepay.

Incredible efficiency

Our current consumer-facing platform advances 35,000 loans each week, with a team of fewer than 40 employees.

Skin in the game

Our Australian consumer business serves as our R&D lab to test and refine our technology. We lend our own money to consumers using these models and systems.

Our technology powers
an award-winning business